The Viper

A circle with those I love.

One by one, the viper strikes, until there is none left but me.

I stand alone, watching his every move,

Waiting to see if he’ll approach.

Waiting for his move.

I close my eyes knowing any moment could be my last, any breath could end cold.

This viper has killed so many, so many I hold dear, so many I love.

Its venom poisons me  and those I love who circle around me. They watch helplessly as the venom overtakes me, as I have watched it claim so many.

I wonder if my mind will still work once the venom makes its way into my veins.

Will my thoughts be mine, or will they belong to someone else then?

I can’t cry, for who would hear?

I sit and wait to die, looking around me one last time.

The viper bites, then we try to suck the poison out, but none have succeeded.

I stand and face the viper, no anti-venom, no escape.

My eyes close.

The viper strikes.


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