The Candle

The Candle

There is a lonely candle, that sits in a cave.

It’s the only light in that dark hidden place.

And anyone lucky enough to find it, should keep it close,

for it will guide the way to the richest place.

But be careful as not to get too close to the scorching flame,

for if you squeeze it too tightly, it is sure to burn you.

But if you forget the candle and are led astray,

you are lost in the darkness, without your way.

So heed my warning and now this, the candle sits and waits until the day.

But one will come to find, that just the candle is enough.

This one will find no need for riches hidden deep inside the cave.

And the candle and its companion will find their way.

That is the day the cave closes, forever until the day, that another candle will find itself lost in the cave.


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